About us

Wishbone kitchen designs in Cork was founded on a philosophy that favours time and trouble over the cutting of corners, and puts craft principles before speed of production. Sadly modern machinery has ensured that the craftsmanship of the past is an increasing rarity.

Wishbone however continue to dovetail drawers, to construct raised and fielded panelled doors. Wishbone’s skill and experience as furniture makers are not only confined to kitchens. Wishbone can enhance any room ie. sitting rooms, bedrooms, offices and reception areas. The company is always searching for the very best native Irish timber. Wishbone make every effort to buy mature trees which fell victim to high winds, many of our oak trees may be hundreds of years old. Wishbone then saw and air dry the timber. Before any timber is used it is dried in our own kilns to make sure it is at the right moisture content.

Wishbone also reclaim old pine from all over the country. A visit to Wishbone’s workshop is essential if you would like to know more about what makes wishbone special.

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